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KunShan Systronics Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address: No.8, Building 2 RuiAn Road, BaCheng Town Supporting Industrial Base of Kunshan City, JiangSu Province, China.215300

About R & D

1.R&D Team:
Regarding functional equipment and automation Research, Systronics focus on product research and innovate continuously; With several professional engineers who has the consciousness of innovation. R&D team has 40 engineers(As of Apri,2016). Senoir engineers as below:

       1)Over 10years experience of functional and automation equipment mechanical engineers: 5
       2) Over 5years experience of functional and automation equipment mechanical engineers : 3
       3) Over 10years experience of functional and automation equipment electrical engineers   : 5
       4) Over 10years experience of functional and automation equipment software engineers    : 3
       5) Over 5years experience of functional and automation equipment vision engineers          : 2
2.R&D Input:
     Systronics founded in the beginning to set technology-driven company to survive the
      business philosophy of quality. In the do high-quality products, the company set 5% of
      Annual sales as investment in new product research and development.
3.Core Technology:

4.Mechanism、Electronic Technology
1).Robotic Application
      Provide a complete automated robot man-machine testing solution, providerobot and a complete set of processing equipment and debugging.
2). Pogo Block Design and Manufacture
       According to the DUT PAD measure,select pogo pin design structures.
       Core technical parameters:
       Minimum Hole Diameter:0.10mm
       Minimum Hole Pitch       :0.18mm                        
       Lift Time                          :≥150000 times    
3).Automation and control technology
In the field of automation control,we usually use Mitsubishi、Omron、Taiwan Delta PLC,  mainly for digital computing、logical control、A/D,D/A conversion、acquisition of signal、machine of the upper/lower communication function, successful application to the development of grinding machine,stick Mylar machine and stick barcode machine。
4).Vision System
   Visual inspection applications as follow:
     a  Guide:Positioning(Part positioning solving、The robot arm guide、Position calibration etc.)
     b Testing:Testing and assembly quality(Parts missing、Surface inspection、Defect inspection、
         Production counter etc.)
     c Measure:Dimensional measurement(Dimensioning、Ensure error limit etc.)
     d Identification:Components detection(Code recognition、Code verification、
        Color discrimination、Pattern recognition etc.)
5.Electronic Technology
1).Power electronics
   Provide all kinds of electronic products testing solution. (PCBA analyze、according to client’s requirements designed and developed the circuit diagram and making  the schematic and PCBA)
 2).Sensor and instrument technology
   Sensors (Pressure、Temperature、Humidity、Ray of light etc. )and instrument
  (Oscilloscope/Multimeter/Digital multimeter etc.)
   In test system of direct application or secondary development.
 3).Newwork and communication technology
   Advanced design and development skill of network communication on automatic 
   industrial manufacturing line.
 4).The Simulation of automatic test technology and virtual instrument
   Mainly for the main board external devices and modules, application  in bluetooth,
   Wifi, Keyboard, Touch screen and so on.
   5).Digital signal DSP and 5.Digital signal analysis technology
   Processing, analysis and test of digital signal such as Lvds , Minilvds , Audio, Display